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Weekly news #02 : Social networks

Hi everyone!

Small point of the week:

We continue to work tirelessly on the development of Runner Party to improve your future gaming experience!

At the same time, we're starting our communication campaign, gradually leaving our cave to finally broadcast some pictures! This is a lot of stress for us, as we have never, other than a few friends and family, show any footage from the game. Three years of work...we are obviously confronted with anxiety in front of your judgment! Paradoxically, however, we are very stimulated and motivated by the idea of ​​having your opinions!

Hugo works on discord to welcome you in optimal conditions, by setting up a personalized bot! François continues to create illustrations for gaming and social media. Joris is preparing publications and getting ready to send the press kit to journalists.

More than ever, we need you to unite a community around our game, and be closer to you!

Join us on :

Facebook: 👍 Creartstudio 👍

Twitter:🐤 studiocreart 🐤

On these networks you will have access to exclusive content, by coming to Discord you will be in direct contact with us, access pre-premiere publications, see game streams or even test the game with us!

Come on!

Stay connected!


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